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the comeback trail

It may have been a while since you’ve ridden. For whatever reason (families, job, etc) you’ve given biking a break. At last its time to get back in the saddle.
It makes sense to get some training to get into the swing of things again before you go and splash out on that bike of your dreams. Bikes have changed – traffic has changed, riding has changed. As well as jogging your memory, we’ll teach you to be a better rider.

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It’s just like riding a bike – you never forget. Well the truth is, you do. If it’s been a long time since you rode or passed your CBT, you may well have remembered what goes where, but you may find it a bit nerve racking. Bikes are much more powerful now than they have ever been, the roads are busier, and the test is stricter, with many more techniques added to riding instruction that are designed to make you safer. We specialise in helping you to regain lost confidence. You may also want to do this if you’re changing from a smaller bike to a bigger one, or a sports bike to a tourer. In our view it always makes sense to do more training. So, even if you’ve passed your CBT and are feeling a bit nervous, this is for you.


£40 per hour
£200 per day
£235 per day for a one to one
Half days can be arranged – please enquire.



















how does it work?

















Because you’ve ridden before your instructor will most likely have a chat with you about what riding experience you’ve had and where you did it, for example, in another country. We’ll find out what you hope to gain from the day, and then we’ll tailor the day to suit you.

It may well be that we start with a 125 on the training ground (or the road) for an hour so that we can make an assessment of your riding. When you and your instructor are confident that you will be OK, we will move up to a bigger bike, then on to the road. The day will involve lots of riding in varying road conditions (and possibly a biker cafe or two). We adapt the day to match what you want to achieve, so there is no set agenda other than making you a more confident rider.

Feel free to call us on 07921 844952 if you have any concerns. we’ll be happy to chat with you.

one to one

If being in a group with other rider intimidates you, or you feel you need some individual attention then please enquire about our one to one training. This training is also ideal if you have any additional needs and suffer from anxiety etc. Our instructors are highly qualified to help you fulfil your dream of riding a motorbike.

You’ll be taken on a smaller motorcycle at first and we will build up your confidence bit by bit until you feel satisfied and comfortable. We love motorcycling and we will do what we can to help you overcome any difficulties you may have.



£235 per day for a one to one
Half days can be arranged – please enquire.

Feel free to call us on 07921 844952 if you have any concerns. we’ll be happy to chat with you.


















lone rider?




















Not sure how you measure up?

Don’t get out with other riders much?

Our rider buddy system lets you ride with one of our instructors for an informal assessment of your ride and hints on how to improve.

Whether you need us for an hour at your home or a full day on the road, we’re there for you! Perhaps you want to improve on your City/Urban riding skills, or you want help building your confidence whilst riding at speed on open country roads. Whatever it is you need, we’re here to help -even if you just want to go for a ride!


£200 per day
£235 per day for a one to one
Half days or hourly sessions can be arranged – please enquire.

Feel free to call us on 07921 844952 if you have any concerns. we’ll be happy to chat with you.

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Based in the centre of Chichester with easy access to rail and bus links,  Chichester Motorcycle Training  offers a great motorcycle training experience. We conduct our CBT , Direct Access, and motorcycle training courses from the heart of historic Chichester. With the picturesque Sussex downs as a backdrop you're guaranteed a good days riding.

So If you’re after motorcycle training in Chichester, Bognor Regis, Drayton, Fareham, Cosham, Littlehampton or anywhere on the South Coast and surrounding areas of Midhurst, Petworth, Billingshurst or even further afield than Sussex or Hampshire we look forward to hearing from you.

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We are open every day except Sunday from 8am onwards.- if our bikes are there we're in! There is a cafe in the building where you can purchase tea and coffee.

We can do courses outside these times and very early mornings in the summer by arrangement, so please ask.

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